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Moringa Tea (20 tea bags)
Moringa Tea (20 tea bags)

Moringa Tea (20 tea bags)

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The leaves of the moringa tree contain several compounds that can stave off chronic disease. These substances include polyphenols, tannins and saponins. Besides combating heart disease, liver damage, and diabetes, these compounds also fight chronic inflammation.

Pharmacological actions

Antibiotic substances

Purgative, emetic

Suggested Traditional uses

High in Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, potassium zinc, iron. Stimulate immune system and metabolism. If taken on an empty stomach acts as a laxative. Protects liver and kidneys. Helps during weight loss. 

Directions and safety precautions

Make an infusion. Use one teaspoon of herbs to a cup of boiled water, drink three times per day. Do not use if you are using anti-coagulant medication and are pregnant. 

[Moringa Oleifera]