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8 Signs You Need A Detox

8 Signs It's Time For A Detox

You’ve probably heard a whole lot about the benefits of detoxing, but how do you really know when your body is yearning for oneWhat are the signs that you truly need a detox?


What Is A Detox?

A detox aims to rid the body of toxic and unhealthy substances. Once accumulated, toxins can have undesirable effects on your health. The most common form of detoxification is consuming healthy, whole and anti-oxidant rich foods/beverages, while simultaneously cutting down processed and high-sugar foods.


If You're Experiencing Any Of The Following Signs, It May Be Time For A Detox

1. Weight-loss resistance. You're doing everything right - eating well, working out, on a caloric deficit and you still can't seem to shed the excess weight.

 2. Persistent acne. You've never really had major   problems with it, but out of nowhere it seems like it's just   flared up and won't go away.


3. Bloating and excessive gas. Are you feeling bloated more often than not? Detoxing is a great way to get rid of this.


4. Increased fatigue even after a good nights sleep. You're getting the 7-8 hours of recommended Zzz's in but still feel tired? Your body may be hinting that it's time for a detox.

 5. Constant cravings. Even after a   satisfying meal, you still crave   something   sweet. Of course we all   have our days (and that's completely   okay!), but if you need to please your   sweet tooth after every balanced   meal, it's definitely time for a detox.



6. Frequent headaches. You seem to be suffering from these nasty aches more often than usual. 



7. Increased moodiness and irritability. Your fuse seems to be running shorter and shorter, and the smallest things are ticking you off.

Lady with insomnia lying awake in bed looking at clock 

 8. Insomnia. You're having trouble   sleeping or   can't sleep through the night. Maybe it's time to   consider that detox.



If you've answered yes to two or more of these questions, you should consider a tea detox to rid your body of the harmful toxins causing these effects. Tea detoxes are highly beneficial and low effort. While you stay active and eat a diet rich in whole foods, the herbs in the tea will work to cleanse what shouldn't be in your body.

Ting Tang Tea Body is an all-natural detox tea that promotes energy, health and weight loss. Our antioxidant-rich tea is made from a selection of herbs, teas and spices, specifically curated to cleanse and detoxify the body, skin & mind.